Northern Blogger: Mr Luke Christian

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with the lovely Luke Christian who is an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger from the north of England.

The mission was simple... summer is gone, it’s time for those moody tones with a sprinkle of colour... right?

For those that don't know Luke is actually deaf which was definitely a first for me. While Luke uses hearing aids to help with communication, I have never shot with anyone with a hearing difficulty before.

For those that know me personally, you know that I can’t even English half the time so I’ll be honest I was slightly nervous going into the shoot but as expected Luke was a natural pro, dropping some classic poses and (some surprising dance moves), taking on feedback well and progressively getting better with every look.

Anyway back to the shoot.

This shoot was done in the Northern Quarter (NQ) of Manchester. Anyone that has been to Manchester knows how different and edgy the NQ is, so this was the perfect location for different textures and backdrops to compliment and contrast the clothing items Luke had brought.

The first 2 looks were from a brand called Idle. Luke rocked two different coloured jumpers, one grey and one blue.

As a photographer it’s important to aknowledge whats already in the frame as well as what you’re putting in it.

In the photos above I knew that the colours complimented the background well with contrasting colours. For me I feel the blue worked better here as it matched a lot better with the darker tones. As you can tell from the sky it was slightly cloud on the day of the shoot which helped with the lighting but remember ALWAYS expose for the highlights. This set of images were definitely brought to life in the editing process.

You’ve gotta keep that sky in.... right!

From here we moved to a few other side streets taking a few photos in other locations and clothes before getting to the beautiful black brickwork that is El Capo.

With a moody vibe in mind black on black works perfectly for those dark tones with a pop of highlights on his face, coupled with the LED cross on the wall I think everything worked so well.

This has to be one of my favourite shoots I’ve done for a while, everything just complimented each other so well in my opinion but let me know your thoughts in the comments.

A huge thankyou to Luke for being amazing and thankyou to the clothing brands that were in the shoot!

Enjoy your weekend! More photography posts coming soon!